2nd Cranfield Brownies



About Us

We are part of the Woburn District, and at various times during the year, we meet up with other packs within our district for joint meetings and activities.

We are the 2nd Cranfield Brownies. We were formed on the 9th March 1973 and have been running meetings once a week ever since. We have had two different meeting places in the village and moved to our current hall in January 2010.
We meet together in a Pack, made up of small groups called Sixes. A Six is a group of friends who share activities and support each other. We have 4 sixes: Hedgehogs, Foxes, Rabbits and Badgers. Each six has a Sixer, who is the leader of the six, and a Second who helps the Sixer.

Click on the pictures to find out more about our current Sixes.

Our meetings are run by Brown Owl with the help of Snowy Owl.
As Brownies we get to take part in lots of challenges and activities. Our meetings are a chance to get together with other girls of a similar age, learn some new skills and make some new friends while having lots of fun!


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